Welcome to one-on-one Pro Tools online courses led by Josie Carr a producer, performing artist, engineer and adjunct professor (electronic music production) at NYU, Clive Davis. 

In understanding the current wave of learning, we opted to offer 4 hours courses. This gives anyone the option to zero in on their area of interest and to get the technical core information needed to learn and apply them to their production and creative work. We also make custom courses à la carte, so if you don't see what you want or have questions contact us HERE.


You will need the Pro Tools software to take the course. No prior music knowledge is required.
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You will learn the necessary steps to get up and running with Pro Tools. You will learn; Starting Pro Tools, Pro Tools File Structure, Pro Tools Interface, Pro Tools Edit Tool Functions and Edit Mode features, Pro Tools track types and how to record and edit audio and MIDI.

After this Pro Tools lesson, you can expect to understand and apply what you’ve learned to produce your own music and be your most creative self.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to create, save and open a Pro Tools session.
  • Pro Tools interface and File structure.
  • Pro Tools Edit Tools and Edit Modes.
  • Pro Tools Track Types.
  • How to record and edit audio.
  • Instrument and Audio Plugins
  • How to record and edit MIDI.
  • Basic Mixing Techniques
  • Bouncing your session down to WAV and MP3 files.

      Topics Resources

     1st Hour   

     Overview of the DAW

    • Basic digital audio principles and terms
    • File Structure
    • Creating, saving, and opening a Session
    • The Main windows
    • Track Types
    • Edit Tools functions
    • Edit Modes functions

     2nd Hour   

    Working with the Pro Tools Windows

    • Setting and using the controls in the Transport window
    • The Playback and the Edit cursors in the Edit window
    • The Rulers in the Edit window
    • A breakdown of the Mix window
    • Signal flow  
    • Importing Audio

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    3rd Hour 

    Recording audio and MIDI 

    • Preparing to record audio
    • Recording and editing audio
    • Preparing to record MIDI
    • Instrument plugins
    • Recording and editing MIDI

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     4th Hour

    Mixing Techniques

    • Basic Mixing Terminology
    • Signal Flow
    • Setting levels
    • Using audio plug-ins
    • Basic Automation
    • Exporting, bouncing and saving your mix.